Dry Cleaning Services

​Residential and Commercial Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service in and around Upland, CA

The Dirty Hamper service right at your front door! Laundry day has never been easier with our convenient front-door laundry service. Simply schedule a pick up online and leave your bag of laundry at your door for our driver. We'll take care of the rest! Your clothes will come back clean, folded/hung and ready to wear. Schedule a pickup today!

The Dirty Hamper has laundry pickup and delivery. We have several ways that we provide residential laundry service.

Pickup and Delivery

We will provide a 22 x 28" bag and charge $49.99 per bag. If you have additional items that do not fit in the bag, these items are $1.75 per pound.

Schedule a pickup and we will charge $1.95 per pound with a 30-pound minimum pickup. We will return your clothes the next day.

Same day pickup and delivery service is $2.50 a pound with a 30-pound minimum.

Items Charged Separately

  • King-Size Comforters $30.00
  • Queen-Size Comforters $25.00
  • Single/Double Comforters $20.00
  • Down Comforters $5.00 + Weight
  • Sleeping Bags $20.00
  • Heavy Blankets $5.00 + Weight
  • Pet Beds (& Related Items) $5.00 + Weight

We provide laundry pickup service Monday through Friday. Wash and Fold pickup service is from 8 am to noon. Laundry delivery is from 4 pm to 8 pm.

We use the best products such as Tide, Gain, All, and non-scented detergents. We use Downy and Bounce softeners.

The Dirty Hamper does pickup and delivery laundry service in many cities located in a 10-15 mile circumference around The Dirty Hamper. Check out the cities we service.

San Dimas

A city known for its Western Art.


Known for its historic downtown.


A city in the western end of San Bernardino County.


Home of the Claremont McKenna College


Located in the inland Empire.


Enjoy the Arts colony!

Rancho Cucamonga

Located on Route 66.

La Verne

Known for the University of La Verne.


Home of Glen Helen Regional Park


Check out The Ontario Museum of History and Art or the Graber Olive House and get a tour of their cannery


Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.