Blue Collar Uniforms 1800X900

Uniform Cleaning Services in California and Arizona

Keep everyone on your team looking sharp. Whether you provide or manage uniforms for restaurant staff, housekeepers, a medical team, a fleet of bus drivers, or your kid's little league team, The Dirty Hamper is your partner in washing and folding uniforms.

From crisp service uniforms to durable coveralls and professional scrubs, uniforms are the frontline of your brand's image. Whether you manage a little league team, a restaurant, medical facility, or automotive repair shop, keeping your team's uniforms clean, professional, and presentable can be a time-consuming task.  At The Dirty Hamper, we understand the importance of a polished appearance for your employees or team members.  Our uniform cleaning service ensures your team looks their best, every day. We handle it all from light-duty polos to heavy-duty coveralls, gloves and vests, too.

What We Wash, Dry, and Fold

  • Restaurant Staff Uniforms
  • Hotel Staff Uniforms
  • Delivery Driver Uniforms
  • Cleaning Staff Uniforms
  • Coveralls, safety vests, and gloves
  • Medical Scrubs
  • Lab Coats
  • Salon Uniforms and Smocks
  • Sports Team Uniforms
  • Law Enforcement Uniforms
  • Firefighters Uniforms
  • Military Uniforms

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