Hotel Laundry Linen Storage 1800X900

Hotel Laundry Services for Hotels, Motels, and Inns in California and Arizona

Managing a California or Arizona hotel? Let us handle your laundry so you can focus on running a successful hotel.

Between happy (and hopefully well-rested) guests, a never-ending to-do list, and the occasional surprise plumbing fiasco, keeping things running smoothly in a hotel or motel can feel like a high-wire act. Guests expect clean and comfortable rooms where they can rest up before heading out; and one of the first things they will inspect is the bed and the bathroom, so it is important that the linens and towels are fresh and spotless from the moment they check in. While you manage your hotel’s operations, let us do the laundry.

Our Laundry Services Support Your Housekeeping Staff

As a manager, you might be wondering why outsource the laundry when you have housekeeping staff?

Housekeeping swiftly and efficiently cleans room after room, make bed after bed, and do load after load of laundry. But you never know when disaster may strike, like broken plumbing and machines which lets the dirty sheets and smelly towels pile up faster than your staff can keep up. Before disaster strikes, connect with The Dirty Hamper.

Let your team focus on what they do best – creating a stellar guest experience. Let The Dirty Hamper handle the laundry.  We have the equipment and capacity to take on just about any lodging load. Our laundromats are equipped with a variety of machine sizes and staffed with a full team so you’re your volume of hotel laundry will be washed, rinsed, dried, folded, and returned in a timely manner that meets your schedule and keeps up with your guests.

Let our experts remove funky smells and stains, using only the highest quality detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. We can wash linens, bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress covers, bed skirts, comforters, pillows duvets, towels, foot rugs, staff uniforms, and more. As long as it can go in a washer and dryer, we are confident we can clean it. Contact us today and see how our hotel laundry services will meet and exceed your needs.

Contact us today to find out how The Dirty Hamper can be your laundry solution.