Airbnb Laundry With Striped Rug 1800X900

Airbnb Laundry Services for Hosts and Their Rentals in California and Arizona

Hosting can be an exhausting and rewarding job when it comes to managing short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO listings. Let us handle the laundry so that you can focus on bookings.

In a world where many folks like to travel and have a casual and authentic experience on their terms, your rental might skyrocket in demand. Guests look for listings that fit their needs including everything from location to luxuries like a private property with a pool, firepit, and essentially the whole place to themselves. Even the fine details matter from the choice of décor that greets them when they open the door, to the cleanliness of the kitchen, to the freshness of the bed linens and bath towels. Everything must be in tip-top shape when you offer a rental like no other and laundry is no exception. While you focus on ensuring bookings and coordinating with a cleaning crew for the housekeeping needed between bookings, let us, The Dirty Hamper, deal with the laundry.

Why Can’t the Cleaners Do the Laundry?

You might be thinking that since you already have a cleaning service to come in and clean the Airbnb or VRB rental between guests that they should handle the laundry, too. But did you know that sometimes this leads to disappointments on part of the guest? Here’s why:

Imagine that you are a cleaner and you have several bookings lined up for the day. Your goal as a cleaner is to get in, clean as fast and effectively as possible, and get to the next job. After all, in this business, volume is key to success. No imagine that everything is moving along swiftly except for the laundry. As a cleaning service, you might be compelled to wash and dry on the fastest cycles (which may not clean the linens and towels very well) and worse, prematurely remove items form the dryer and reset the bedding and the towels, albeit slightly damp. The items will air dry, you can move on. Right?

However, the time between the bookings might be just enough to allow strange odors to develop in the fabric of the linens and towels and effluviate the air; it could be milder or worse, visible mold. This is why you need a laundry service and not just a cleaning service. Cleaning services with crews that need to move onto the next job may move on and leave the linens and towels at risk of developing pungent odors and visible mold. But there is a solution, a perfect pairing for the cleaning service.

Commercial Laundry Services for Airbnb and VRBO

At The Dirty hamper, we know how critical one little misstep in your presentation to a guest can break your ratings online. That’s why when we pick up your laundry from your listed property, we bring it all back to a state of the art laundromat where a team of experts will wash, rinse, dry, fluff, and fold your bed linens and bath towels to perfection. We won’t cut corners, ensuring that you will have unquestionably fresh and clean linens to offer your guests. Let the cleaners do the cleaning and let our laundromat do the laundry.

Contact us today to find out how The Dirty Hamper can be your laundry solution.