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Commercial Laundry Services for Gyms and Fitness Studios in California and Arizona

Sweat is inevitable when working out. Sweating the laundry shouldn’t be. Let The Dirty Hamper handle the laundry so you can lead the way as a fitness services provider.

If you manage a gym, fitness studio, or sports complex that provides towels to members, then you know that towels can pile up fast and permeate the air with the pungent remnants of workouts past. That’s where The Dirty Hamper can swoop in and carry those towels away before they repel your guests, break the training circuit, or disrupt a peaceful yoga session.

Our Gym Laundry Services Include:

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Towels for Gym Members

Our laundry experts at The Dirty Hamper are here to take the sweat and grime out of gym towel management. We don't just clean – we restore your towels to guest-ready perfection.  From washing and drying to meticulous folding, your only task upon receiving a fresh order is stocking the shelves or setting them out for members.

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Towels for Cleaning Gym Equipment and More

But keeping your gym spotless goes beyond just guest towels.  While your patrons push their limits, your dedicated staff tackles equipment, mats, and weights with janitorial rags and microfiber towels, keeping them sanitized with cleaning solutions.  But who cleans the cleaners?

The Dirty Hamper offers a comprehensive solution.  We handle all your gym's laundry needs, washing and drying workout towels separately from janitorial cloths.  This ensures each receives the proper cleaning for its specific use, resulting in fresh, sanitized towels for your guests and debris and residue-free cleaning towels for your staff – all handled with the care and expertise you deserve.

Contact us today to find out how The Dirty Hamper can be your laundry solution.