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​The Dirty Hamper Laundry Delivery Service Reviews and Testimonials

"Very affordable service. Our towels are picked up in the am and delivered the following day, fresh and folded."

"We love you guys! You're always on time and the service is very easy to use. No complaints from us 😊"

"The Dirty Hamper has been a lifesaver for our practice. We no longer have to lug our laundry to the laundromat. The price is right too!"

"Best laundromat and next day pickup and delivery service in town! They pick up and deliver it back the next day! So awesome!"

"9th Street Coin Laundry is a great facility operated by some very kind people! Located in downtown Upland. It is walking distance to a barber, a cafe, a theater and several other mom and pops shops. Great place to go for laundry service!"

"5 Stars!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I love this place, the Dirty Hamper, where they wash and fold your clothes and your blankets is your one-stop shop laundry needs. I love it and recommend it to everyone."

"Clean place!"

"Very clean. Well kept. Had no problems. Not crowded."

"Clean. No irritating people. Just the way I like it."

"Found myself in a pinch recently and on the recommendation of a friend, I used The Dirty Hamper laundry service!!! OMG, I'm never doing my own laundry again! It was quick with next day delivery. Service amazing (who folds clothes that good!) and so affordable. My time is so much more valuable. Thanks for a great local service."

"Can't complain. I did the fluff and fold service and they picked up my family's clothes up and dropped it off the next day like they said. Awesome to have all that free time to spend with family instead of spending all day doing laundry and telling the kids to fold and put their clothes away. Will be using this service again for sure."

"I always do my own laundry, though I've heard good things about the adjacent wash and fold from fellow googlers. Usually I will stick around and bring a book to read. Quick and reliable laundromat. Glad I discovered this place!"

"I was able to pick up my clothes same day (not the norm—it's usually next day) and they look & smell terrific."

"I have a family of 5 and spent endless weekends doing loads and loads of laundry. The Dirty Hamper has been a lifesaver! Their convenient at home pickup and next day drop off service is next level. Our kids put their clothes through the wringer and the clothes always come back clean, smelling fresh and best--folded. What else can a working mom ask for? We have been using the service for almost 2 months and I am so happy I have my weekends back to do the more important things like family time! Thanks Dirty Hamper for giving me my weekends and sanity back!"

"We just moved to the Claremont area and it was clear that the Dirty Hamper was the best reviewed laundry service in the area. We signed up for our first pickup and the entire experience lived up to the high reviews. The laundry was picked up promptly, dropped off at the correct time, and smells and looks great! As a millennial, being able to text them directly was also a dream! Communication was thorough and quick and it made the process so easy. We plan on having a month subscription and look forward to being customers for a long time."